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Thursday, 27 February 2020

Amazon Quiz Answers for 27th February 2020

Amazon Quiz Answers for 27th February 2020: Win 5000 Pay Balance.

1 – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation invested in which online pharma startup based in Gurugram in Feb 2020?

Ans– 1mg

2 – Which team is gearing up to become the first F1 team to celebrate their 1,000th race, and recently unveiled the SF1000?

Ans– Ferrari

3 – Whose signature can be found on the new one Rupee currency notes?

Ans– Finance Secretary

4 – United by Emotion’ is the official motto of which 2020 sports event to be held in Tokyo?

Ans– Summer Olympic

5 – In the TV sitcom Friends, which famous actress played the role of Susie Moss, a schoolmate of Chandler?

Ans– Julia Roberts

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