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Thursday, 8 October 2020

Flipkart Super Fan Jacqueline Fernandez - Quiz Answers

Flipkart Super Fan Jacqueline Fernandez Quiz Answers for 8th Oct 2020

Flipkart video presents Superfan, Episode-2 "Jacqueline Fernandez".
Play and win Super Coins (New Users only/they who didn’t play earlier)

Flipkart Super Fan Jacqueline Fernandez

1) What is the last thing I do before I sleep?
Ans- Pray

2)What is my Favourite Indian desert?
Ans- Rasgulla

3) What is my least favorite Vegetable?
Ans- Karela

4) What is that one social Media trend that really bugs me?
Ans- Challenges

5) I always carry a marble angel in my bag. Who gifted me this angel?
Ans- My Mom

6) What is that one thing I always offer guests when they come home?
Ans- Dates

7) I have 2 poles at Home
Ans- True

8)If I wasn’t in India I would have loved to stay in New York
Ans- False

9) The First Hindi film I watched was -———
Ans- Devdas

10) My first Bollywood crush was————
Ans- Salman Khan

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