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Friday, 5 February 2021

Best Practices for Digital Document Management

Document management is one of the most important and significant features of a business. With the increasing segment of information in the digital age, the management of documents has become complex. This is one of the top benefits for enterprise clients to streamline automation for their documents. Maintaining physical documents and files is challenging and cumbersome, digitizing them makes it very easy to manage.


Here some practices mentioned below:-

1. Document Input Methods

When it comes to document input, most businesses combine papers and digital files for perfect data. A perfect document management system should provide input of files using multiple sources such as:

  • Scanners
  • Hand-operated upload
  • Emails
  • Bulk upload

2. Automate Indexing

Document indexing is a method of connecting or tagging documents with multiple "search" terms depending on the organization's requirement. Indexing is a technique for documents in which you can easily sequence data. That path is based on your organizational processes, hierarchy, and the requirements of your employees.

  • Indexing metadata
  • Indexing all changes
  • Indexing by users/departments
  • For example, indexing accounting by use cases
  • Indexing based on the standard

3. Intelligence in Search

No matter which criteria we use, the power of document indexing is revealed when we search a document. A large number of organizational time is spent in finding the appropriate documents, mainly in government organizations.

  • Maintained and powerful search filter
  • Document Content and Metadata Search
  • Contextual Search and Intelligence
  • Advanced search options at all
  • Document properties

4.  Easy Document Processing

Document processing includes the conversion of printed and handwritten text onto paper-based and computerized documents (for example, a scanned image of a document), using one, or another, Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), optical Character Recreation (OCR)), and experienced data entry clerk. e.g. Scanning bills and invoices in an organization.

5. Automation in Workflow

A good document management system includes an enterprise-level business process management and workflow automation inbuilt that automatically takes documents to their destination, gets approval, and helps users complete more work in their own time.

6. Safety of Document 

Along with important features of the document management system, security is of supreme importance. The excellent software provides a high level of document encryption and role-based access, as well as:

  • Audit
  • Support SSL
  • Users and roles
  • Modify ownership
  • Advanced rights
  • Encrypted document on the file system
  • Indexing all the modifications

7. Dashboard for User

An excellent DMS interface is very simple and also easy to navigate. Not everyone is technically skilled, so the easier the software, the better. The user dashboard may also include: workflow inbox

  • Document inbox
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Follow-up and chat
  • Inbuilt Calendar, Email, SMS

8. Various Customization Option

Different businesses have various needs from a document management system. Each business has its particular requirements which are taken into consideration. Therefore, a good DMS gives users a high degree of customization:

  • Build customized workflows and records
  • Create custom fields and reports
  • Define hierarchy and access privileges
  • Add Custom Document Attributes

9. Unique Characteristics 

The leading document management Systems regularly go beyond the basic features and provide to their customer's innovative features and solutions that will improve their business potency. Some of these could be:

  • Inbuilt options to create documents
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Collaboration & multiple user access
  • Adaptable deployment on-premises
  • Automatic scanning & reading documents

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